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Our Privacy Policy

Information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace advice by your health care provider. With medical problems contact your health care provider immediately.


At MedSchoolForParents.com and Gold Medical Media Inc. we care about you and your children’s health and well-being.


This is why we strive to provide you with accurate, evidence-based and up-to-date information. From Top-Tips, to newsletters, posts on the site and even comments from our audience, we make sure you can trust what you are reading. We also make sure we protect your information – from your membership information to the posts you are browsing to the searches you perform on the site. All is confidential and never disclosed outside of MedSchoolForParents.com. We will always respect your privacy choices !


Reading this privacy policy is the first step.


You can always contact us with questions about it at contact [at] medschoolforparents.com.


What information stays on our servers ?

When you register or update your registration we keep the information so the site can ‘recognize’ you next time you log on, and provide you with your choices of newsletters and additional information we provide members of our community. Also, in order to provide you with information relevant for your family, and to ensure we can show you the posts you already were interested in, the site ‘remembers’ the posts you looked at last time you logged on. This also allows you to read again the information you were interested in or show your family members what you recently discovered. We also learn more about members and visitors like you when you sign-up for further communication routes with the site, use social media, clicking advertisement on the site, answer online surveys or when you search our site. Learning from your interests helps us prepare and provide all our members and visitors with new relevant content. We may also collect what is termed “non-personal-information’ – using computer-based Cookies or the likes, in order to make sure we provide useful and relevant applications to our members and visitors. We never use this information on a “personal-basis”.



What can you do if you do not want this information to stay on our servers ?

You are welcome at any time to revise or cancel your membership with MedSchoolForParents.com, or to stop using the site in order to stop the information from reaching our servers. You can also cancel or reject computer-based Cookies through your browser’s settings.


What do we do with the information that stays on our servers ?

We use the information to provide you with your choices of information, posts and emails (like the newsletters), we provide you with access to health-related content that may not be available to those that are not members of the site, answer your emails, email you or send electronic messages, text messages, and provide you with personalized answers to some specific medical information questions you may have. We also plan new content on the site based on searches and questions our visitors and members have. We conduct statistical analysis on large amount of data in order to learn on visitors and members “behavior” on the site (for example – how many posts did a visitor or a member looked at after searching for information, the time on the site etc). We may link external information, your personal information and some non-personal information, in order to learn what are the needs of our community, to improve the site and direct advertisement to the needs of our visitors and members, based on their preferences.


We will never provide your personal information to someone outside MedSchoolForParents.com !


In what cases are we mandated or need to disclose information ?

In rare cases, we may be forced to provide information from our servers in order to comply with legal requirements, such as court order, subpoena, search warrant or local legal entities that we do not control. It is our promise that every effort will be made to protect the privacy of our community of users and members, while complying with the law. Also, based on local laws and in unique cases when we become aware of a threat to you or to others, we may need to contact you or authorities as mandated by the law. You should be aware that in the future there may be situations that we cannot predict at this time, that the control of the information we have will be transferred to another party. For example in the case of changing control over the businesses involved in MedSchoolForParents.com. You will always have a choice to revise or delete your registration information.



What advertisement may appear on the site ?

Some of the information we collect and analyses serves us to plan advertisement on our site. Advertisement helps us pay for more accurate, evidence-based and up-to-date content to our community. We do not share personal information with advertisers. We decided that the following will not appear on MedSchoolForParents.com : No pornography, No defamatory or otherwise unlawful or immoral content, No infringement on a third party’s trademark or intellectual property, No tobacco products, No adult entertainment and escort services, No political endorsements.

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