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What you need to know before advertising
Parents reading MedSchoolForParents.com expect accurate, evidence-based information and they trust our brand. Our network of worldwide experts expects the same. We reserve the right to refuse advertisement that is not suitable for this brand.
Please review and proofread your ad carefully, to avoid errors in your ad.
We cannot predict or guaranty the result of the advertising on MedSchoolForParents.com. We cannot refund for past advertising. 
We never provide MedSchoolForParents.com members’ personal information to advertisers.
For contracts of 3 months or more, statistical analysis of website use will be available. We do our best to provide accurate information and rely on other providers for this data.
We do not assume legal responsibility for the accuracy and cannot test the claims of the advertisements on the site. We expect our advertisers to be able to respond to readers’ questions or comments (not via the website). Advertisers should also inform us immediately of any changes required in the description of the ad, as soon as they are aware of such changes. MedSchoolForParents.com will not be responsible for consequential, incidental or indirect damages, including lost profits.
Termination of advertising contract should be in writing and premature termination of a contract will not result in a refund.
MedSchoolForParents.com deserve the right to remove without prior notice advertisement that will damage the experience of MedSchoolForParents.com users, ads that compromises this website, or if the ad opens another website within the ad. No refund will be provided to the advertiser. 

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