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Mumps Vaccine

Author: Dr. Aimee Dmytryshyn, MedSchoolForParents.com Expert
Mumps is a disease caused by the mumps virus. It is difficult to know when a child has mumps as there are only few observable symptoms; however, 40% of people have swelling in salivary glands or experience trouble breathing.
Long Term Symptoms:


  • Brain inflammation,
  • Facial paralysis,
  • Deafness,
  • Permanent neurological damage like paralysis and seizures
  • Causes infertility in 20-30% of males and 5% of females


The Vaccine


  • It has decreased cases worldwide by 99%
  • Outbreaks usually occur in unvaccinated populations. For example,  in 2004-2006, there were 70,000 new cases of mumps in the UK
  • Us a live attenuated vaccine, given in combination with rubella and mumps.
  • A child is given two doses, one at 1 year of age and the other at 15th months.
  • Very rare serious adverse events have been documented
  • The usual symptoms from the vaccine are: general discomfort, fever, maybe a rash a week later


Updated: 03/08/2017

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