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Participating in Cancer Research

Author: Dr. Rebecca Johnson , MedSchoolForParents.com Expert
A recent population based study showed that breast cancer rates for teens and young adults jumped from 4-7%. The chances for an American women having breast cancer by the age of 40 are 1 in 173. Generally the cancer in young adults seems to be localized and not spread to other parts of the body. However, this study did not look at the reasons behind this increase. Some stipulated factors are:


  1. The obesity epidemic can be a risk factor for advanced breast cancer
  2. Lifestyle factors or environment exposures


Dr. Rebecca Johnson , medschoolforparents.com Expert, recommends young women know their body because survival is dramatically improved if breast cancer has not spread. See the doctor if you notice:


  1. Lumps
  2. Change in breast tissue
  3. Nipple discharge
  4. Other concerns


Updated: 03/08/2017


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