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Foreign Body in the Nose in Children

Author: Dr. Julie Brown, MedSchoolForParents.com Expert
Children tend sometimes to put foreign objects in their nose. Watch for Top Tips from Dr. Julie Brown, medschoolforparents.com expert:
If the object is superficial and can be reached with fingers, then a parent can remove it. However, parents should never stick something in the child’s nose to remove the object. Also, never flush your child’s nose out as this could cause choking.


  1. Home techniques
    1. Have your child sit and lean forward while you hold the down side of the nose that doesn’t have foreign body and then coach your child to blow nose very hard (try at least 10 times)
    2. Big Kiss: Parent blows into child’s mouth in order to push air through nose and thereby remove object. You should only breath into the child’s mouth for a few seconds. (Similar to mouth to mouth resuscitation)


  • Doctors help….
    1. If you can’t remove the object then your child should receive medical help
    2. Nose objects can be aspirated, so you should see the doctor early
    3. This is especially important if the object is food, a battery, or a magnet



Do not have any food or drink until evaluated. 
Update: 03/08/2017

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