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Importance of Vaccinating Your Child

Author: Dr. Gideon Koren, MedSchoolForParents.com Expert

Parents have heard that vaccines have risks and may cause child long-term issues. Vaccines are one of the greatest medical discoveries and prevent many unwarranted health issues and deaths around the world.
Watch Dr. Gideon Koren MedSchoolForParens.com Expert explains the importance of vaccines.
No single vaccine causes issues when you look at it statistically; however, out of ~400,000 people vaccinated, one might have an issue.
One prime example where vaccine cessation was harmful was when parents in the UK thought the whooping cough vaccination caused infection in the brain. Upon cessation of the vaccine, more and more kids contracted whopping cough, which is a significant risk for neonates. This caused outbreaks we had not seen in 30-40 years. Another example is that parents thought vaccines cause autism, due to mercury. All science shows this is not the case.
Updated: 03/08/2017

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