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Jumping on the Trampoline Trend

Author: Karen Arane, MedSchoolForParents.com Editor
Jumping on the recent trampoline trend, literally, are businesses offering trampoline parks and indoor commercial facilities with wall to wall trampolines - all competing for children’s attention - offering from birthday celebration to jumping-parties. 
New trampoline parks in the US  rose from about 40 parks in 2011 to 280 in 2014, a 7-fold increase.
While trampoline parks are marketed as ‘unending opportunities to have extreme fun’ and may seem like a great way to get children active and entertained, it is essential that both parents and kids understand the risks involved.
Trampolines, both in your backyard or in a trampoline park, can be quiet dangerous, especially for children under the age of 6. 
The most common injuries are sprains and fractures, and they account for almost 100,000 emergency department visits a year in the US.
Injuries in backyard trampolines account for the majority of documented injuries, but those in trampoline parks tend to be more severe -  spinal cord injuries and open fractures to name a few.

The American Academy of Pediatrics took a stand to keep children away from trampolines and advices against this recreational activity.
If a child end up on a bouncy trampoline somewhere, the AAP suggest additional precautionary measures to keep them safe – use a structured sport training facility with proper supervision, coaching and safety measures.
MedSchoolForParentes.com Top Tips for trampoline safety :


  • Padding should be available around and under the trampoline
  • A net should protect children around the equipment
  • Always have an adult supervise kids while jumping
  • Trampoline is off limits for children under 6 
  • Only one-at-a-time – no more than one person jumping on the trampoline at any given time
  • Don’t try to go for Gold – trampoline double twist is for the Olympics



Updated: 03/08/2017

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